Our History

Dale Robertson

The original portion of The Texas Club, built in the 1960's, started out as a private residence. In the early 70's it was purchased by Dale Robertson, an American actor best known for his starring roles in early television. He played Jim Hardie in "Tales of Wells Fargo" (1957-1962) and Ben Calhoun in "Iron Horse" (1966-1968). He purchased the house as a hangout for his Texas friends for when they came to Ruidoso for the horse racing. Robertson christened it "The Texas Club" and charged one dollar to become a member.

Wayne Wood, a local carpenter by trade and Oklahoma transplant, purchased "The Club" in 1974, keeping The Texas Club name. It was formally turned into a steak house for the public. During this time, there were stories of private poker games that were held in what is now the upstairs office. Supposedly, one noteworthy game had a $25,000 pot and lasted some 36 hours. A lady, name unknown, was in that game and, according to the story, had more than just her stake in the pot……….she had her firearm, to protect her interest, of course. Wayne continued to run "The Club" into the late 80's.

"The Club" changed hands again in 1992 when another local, Leon Grissom, purchased it trying his hand at running the steak house. Then in 1995, Texas natives, Jack and Mary Evans, bought "The Club" and brought in Linda Kelso from Dallas to run the kitchen. After one year, Jack and Mary decided being a restaurateur was not for them, so they sold it to Linda. She turned "The Texas Club" into what most people know it as today. Then in 2005 Linda sold the business to its current owners. While "The Club" has changed hands a few times over the years, it has always been the best place in town to find the most choice steaks, the freshest seafood, and finest wines and cocktails.